HOLLANDS NYE 2014 show at JACK in  Brooklyn. Projections by Amy Khoshbin

PUBLIQuartet and HOLLANDS perform an acoustic version of "Stoner Lawyer" at University Settlement in NYC.

Live performance of "Over and Out" at bar 280 Brooklyn captured by music blog FolkYourself.  Featuring Jim Robertson on upright bass and Kenny Grohowski on Drums. 

Live Video from HOLLANDS residency at the Banff Centre in Banff, Canada. Hollands cover of Lou Reed's masterpiece recording by the Velvet Underground.

HOLLANDS performs "Great White Shark" Live with string quintet at JACK in Brooklyn.

Special Guests

Karla Donehew-Perez, Violin

Jessie Montgomery, Violin

Hilary Castle, Violin

Paul Laraia, Viola

Jason Amos, Viola


Amy Khosbin's projections for HOLLANDS "Great White Shark" from NYE at JACK 2014

This is a simple, tribute and promotional video.  We applaud and support kids being free. We don't support trashing a supermarket.  We hope you get enjoyment from this video. We mean no harm. This is a cheap ploy. 

5.29.09 - Live @ Pete's Candy Store - Brooklyn, "Air Conditioned Heart" 

Greg McManniss/Greg McMahon Photo/Video


John-Paul solo cover of Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"

HOLLANDS w/Project 60/40, "Always / Great White Shark"  2.12.11 at the Living Room NYC

Featuring: Amanda Gookin, cello

Katie Andrews, harp

Hilary Castle, Violin