Hollands' Restless Youth LP Kickstarter is now funded!

Posted on by hollandsss

Holla-back HOLLANDS friendossss! 

       Just yesterday, HOLLANDS succeeded in funding their Kickstarter Campaign for the release of Restless Youth. (LP) We are thrilled to release our Debut Record to the masses on VINYL!

        Stay tuned to hollandsss.com as things move forward. We will update often with these new and wild adventures.  

Don't forget to share the Kickstarter with all your friends, house pets, and house plants. They can still donate to the KICKSTARTER until Tuesday, November 5th at 1:55am (EST).

     Any donations beyond our Kickstarter funding goal of $6,500 will support more rewards and a fancy-pants music video.

      Any more money will help with John-Paul's favorite Male fragrance, "Shake yer boot-e." 


Above right is HOLLANDS' tribute to the late, great Lou Reed  who recently passed away. HOLLANDS' love and support go out to fellow New Yorker and Long Islander Laurie Anderson and to all the great music and songs Lou Reed inspired in his adventures on Earth. Linger on in the stars LOU!