John-Paul interview on Breakthru Radio's "Get in the Van" w/DJ Jezz Harkin

Posted on by hollandsss

John-Paul had a great interview with Jezz Harkin on "Get in the Van" this week. You can listen to the full interview here. 

Jezz talked to JP about the new Hollands recording, played a few tracks from the new release including "Always", "Great White Shark", "Stem and the Chaser", and an old song from the Mother EP, "Air Conditioned Heart". 

Hollands promoted their upcoming show at Pianos (12.21.12) at 8pm, including a live recording for BTR, as well as the Kickstarter that should begin in February 2013.  

Again, you can find the interview link here and another link to the Pianos show for Dec. 21, 2012 link HERE